Valuable tips for those who want to take a sms loan!

A sms loan is basically like any other loan. The loan has clear terms that show how much the loan costs and how long you have to pay back on the loan, yet sms do not have the best reputation. This is due to the high effective interest rate.

What many people forget, however, is that if you repay the loan on time, it will not cost you much at all. If you take a completely free sms loan in addition, you only pay back the amount you borrowed. In other words, sms don’t have to put you in the stick at all.


Therefore, it is easier to get a sms loan

Therefore, it is easier to get a sms loan

One thing that distinguishes a sms loan from other loans is that it is a little easier to get (which it is also often seen as negative). The requirements for income are lower because the loan is small and sometimes you can take a sms loan despite having payment notes. Several hundred thousand Swedes have payment notes today, but many of these Swedes have arranged their finances and no longer have any problems repaying a smaller loan. This is why sms lenders can approve a loan despite payment remarks, which Smslå thinks makes sense.

So why doesn’t everyone pay back on their sms loans? Unfortunately, so there are people who pull payment notes because they simply do not want to repay and there are people who borrow more than they can. Maybe you have borrowed for some unplanned purchase, which can be the case when the loan has to be repaid.


5 tips for taking sms loans

sms loans

  1. Sit down and calculate before taking a sms loan. And don’t do any joy calculations! Look at how much you usually get rid of in a month and how much you usually get over. If you see that margins are getting too small, think about if there is something you can pull in for the near future, but always be realistic.
  2. Adjust the size of the sms loan according to the calculation, so you should not take a larger loan than the calculation allows. If the loan then becomes too small for your purpose, wait to borrow and save some money first.
  3. Look for a free sms loan. Yes, there are many free sms that have no interest or fees at all, but you need to be a new customer to get a free sms. Borrowing no more than what you can repay for then the bill can be very expensive.
  4. If you are just almost certain that you will be able to repay your loan on time and still take out a loan, then you should take out a loan that offers several extensions. But keep in mind that the loan can be very expensive if you extend it forever. Therefore, also avoid taking a sms loan with an extension if you are not sure that you can get enough money within the time you have planned.
  5. Once you have taken out a sms loan, you should put away money immediately after you receive your salary. For example, if you borrow USD 6,000 for 3 months, you should spend more than USD 2,000 a month, and this money you absolutely must not touch. If you think it will be too hard to do, you should borrow a smaller sum or not at all.

Loans despite Credit Bureau – compare market loan

The credit business, which is said to exist without Credit Bureau, has been booming for many years. Unfortunately, the winners and thus the beneficiaries cannot be found on the consumer side, but often only on the provider side. Because what so-called credit intermediaries promise in this regard often has no hold.

If you believe a study, despite Credit Bureau loans can only be made through a credit intermediary in 1% of inquiries. With all other inquiries, the searcher only pays. How to get loans despite all this despite Credit Bureau will be explained here.

Look closely and compare

Look closely and compare

There are black sheep in every industry. In addition, the wishes of consumers are advertised everywhere. Because it is always aligned in such a way that it suggests what we would like to read and hear.

Consumers with a bad Credit Bureau are particularly vulnerable to such advertising. They are usually in a financial situation and are grateful for any help that enables them to escape from it. And so it is advertised with loans that are supposed to be given without the annoying Credit Bureau.

Unfortunately, reality shows something different. Very few intermediaries can really get such a loan. Because they only exist from abroad. And hardly anyone has contacts there. If you are interested in loans despite Credit Bureau, you should always look for contact with the offering bank yourself.

Switzerland is the market leader

Switzerland is the market leader

And so it is mainly our neighboring country, Switzerland, where banks see themselves able to grant a loan to foreign customers without Credit Bureau. In order to be able to make contact here, you should first find out on the Internet which banks they are and their conditions for a loan. Because without Credit Bureau does not mean that you can also be without work.

If you want a Swiss loan, you have to do a steady job and earn a good income from it. If you live near Switzerland, it is advisable to travel there directly and apply for the loan on site from the bank. It is important that you have all the required documents with you so that the application can be processed immediately.

If you do not live so cheaply, you can also apply for a loan online. This takes a little longer, but does not reduce the chances of getting a loan. It is also worthwhile to call the bank and inquire about the exact procedure. So that no bad surprises await in the end.

Credit for 18 year olds – A loan for young people


At a young age you have all of life ahead of you. Working life is coming – earning your own money. Only from here can you really start with independence and independence. Nevertheless, some purchases have to be made during this time. Having your own apartment or your own vehicle is usually the greatest wish of young people.

Of course you also want to go on vacation from time to time. Not everyone is lucky enough to receive financial support from their parents or grandparents. Some have to either get their savings or even go into debt. But there is a convenient way for young people to get to grips with everyday life – namely with a loan for 18 year olds. The following article explains how such a business works and runs.

A loan for young people is a fair thing

A loan for young people is a fair thing

Credit institutions and banks usually require certain guarantees when granting loans and loans. In particular, the creditworthiness and solvency are checked here. No exception is made to young people either. Since 18 year olds usually already have a job, they can at least already provide proof of income as security. This is an important factor, because at this age there are usually no other properties such as shares or real estate. In this respect, this is a good basis for the loan for 18 year olds.

Furthermore, there must be no negative entry in the nationwide uniform Credit Bureau database, otherwise loans are generally rejected. If no proof of income is to be submitted, a larger loan amount can be obtained from a guarantor. The guarantor pays the installer in the event of a potential payment default. The main conditions for a loan for 18 year olds are set out below.

Conditions for a loan for young people

Conditions for a loan for young people

The maximum possible loan amount depends on the collateral. If proof of income or a guarantor is presented, the maximum loan amount can be up to $ 100,000. Otherwise, a small loan with up to 5,000 USD is still possible. The amount of the installments results from various factors, for example the term of the loan. This can usually be between 6 and 60 months. The interest rate is also an important indicator. It is good to compare here, because the rates vary between 4 and 14 percent, depending on the bank. The installment is then usually paid monthly. Loans that allow special repayment should generally be preferred. Here you can shorten the runtime considerably.

Company cards: credit cards or prepaid cards?

We often talk about credit cards and prepaid cards without really understanding what the differences are between the two. Credit cards and prepaid cards may seem very similar for the type of service they offer but have important differences. Which company card to choose depends on the current needs of the company and on the use made of it by the collaborators to whom the cards are assigned.


Business cards

credit cards

Business credit cards or prepaid business cards are fundamental tools for those who manage and administer a business, as they are necessary to monitor the various payments that are made for business expenses: from suppliers to utilities, as well as scheduled or unexpected online purchases. In fact, corporate cards, whether they are credit or prepaid, offer the possibility for the company, company or entrepreneur to analyze the expenses made during the month, almost in real time, through online access to a control panel. In addition, it is possible to create name cards for employees, to set different spending limits on the basis of cards, to monitor travel costs and other expenses made by employees, who are no longer required to pay cash and fill out the expense reports. The elimination of employee expense reports has a double advantage: on the one hand the worker no longer has to devote time to reporting expenses, subtracting hours of work from his primary and more productive activities, on the other the administration does not have to make payments and preventive control of expense slips; the whole process therefore becomes more streamlined for the benefit of all those involved.


How the credit card works

How the credit card works

A credit card is an electronic tool, which must be directly connected to a current account and which allows you to make payments regardless of the economic availability on your account. This means that it is not necessary to have the exact economic sum to acquire a specific good or service. Usually, to pay for your expenses you have a period of 30 days, this time frame is generally variable depending on the cards and in the case of American Express a payment extension is granted up to 51 days. For this reason, it can be safely said that the bank makes a form of credit to its customer, being able to make purchases even without liquidity on the account. With a credit card, you can pay at merchants, withdraw money at ATMs or rent a car. But how much does a credit card cost? In most cases, the credit card requires the payment of an annual fee and has a slightly more complex activation process. In fact, it is necessary to have a constant flow of incoming money in order to have the bank guarantees that allow the release of the card. In a nutshell, if you are a private individual you must have a salary or a pension, if you are a company or a VAT number you must have income requirements such that the bank can be considered the reliable person.


How prepaid cards work

prepaid cards work

Prepaid cards are another electronic payment system which, unlike a credit card, are not linked to the customer’s bank account. They offer the same services as a credit card, such as the ability to pay in shops, make reservations, withdraw cash and pay online via the internet. In addition, there are prepaid cards, such as Soldo cards, which can be used to give employees access to corporate money, while controlling all expenses made, just like business credit cards, the difference is zero credit. Soldo cards can be used as fuel or employee prepaid cards. How do they work? After making a payment in one of the previously described methods, the sum present is immediately removed from the card which can never have a value less than zero dollar ;this feature makes it a safer card because it prevents possible fraud attempts. Another advantage of prepaid cards is that they do not have a limit of “plafond” which means that there is no limit in the amount that can be loaded on the card and can be variable according to needs.

Obtaining a prepaid card is very simple, in fact, it does not provide for any credit reliability requirement and therefore they are very useful for those customers who, for various reasons, are unable to obtain a credit card from their bank.

Are you interested in the topic? Are you a craftsman, a professional or an entrepreneur and do you want to evaluate the business cards on the market? Ask for a free consultation

Loans during bankruptcy – Apply a loan for difficult times

Loans during bankruptcy can either not be taken out at all or only under difficult conditions. The reasons are very diverse. Not only the negative Credit Bureau information, which is a consequence of the bankruptcy, but also the fact that a person who is in consumer or regular insolvency, all amounts of money that go beyond the legal seizure exemption, cede to the administrator got to.

This distributes them to the individual creditors according to a certain quota. During the conduct of good behavior phase, it is also legally forbidden to incur any debt that the insolvent debtor knows that it is certain that it cannot repay.

personal loans

personal loans

While most banks refuse to apply for funding, it may well be possible to get loans from private relatives, acquaintances, or friends during bankruptcy. However, the most important prerequisite for this is that there is a good relationship of trust between the potential lender and the borrower. Especially with an insolvent person, this is anything but a matter of course. The same applies in the event that a personal loan is sought via a credit brokerage platform on the Internet. Here the lenders themselves determine to whom and under what circumstances they grant a loan and who does not.

credit Providers

credit Providers

There are numerous domestic and foreign credit intermediaries who promise their customers that they can provide them with a suitable loan even under the most difficult conditions. Even though many of these credit intermediaries have years of experience and diverse contacts with private or institutional lenders, this does not mean that they can broker loans during bankruptcy.

Should this be the case, reputable lenders would insist that the insolvent borrower can provide a guarantor, a co-applicant or additional collateral. Foreign lenders do not provide Credit Bureau information and therefore do not need to know anything about the bankruptcy. However, you should have a regular income.

Loans for Credit Institutions recipients

Loans for Credit Institutions recipients

Many people who are in private bankruptcy are unemployed or receive Credit Institutions. In the latter case, there is only one realistic way to get loans under the bankruptcy. If rent and / or energy debts exist, important household appliances are defective or there are other valid reasons, you can apply for an interest-free loan from the job center.

The responsible service manager decides whether and to what extent this loan can be approved. There is no legal claim to a loan from the job center. The repayment of all loans during bankruptcy must be made in monthly installments. The recipient of the cash payments is the job center that has approved the loan.